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The Big Moment in TESB, through Emma's Eyes

Remember when Darth Vader exposed Obi-Wan’s lie? Remember how you felt the first time it was revealed? Well, here’s a little girl, eyes glued to the screen, to remind you. It’s Star Wars: Attack of the Adorables.

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This ain’t my family but Emma, the young girl in this video, is drawn into the movie in such a fascinating, totally committed way that she made me enjoy The Empire Strikes Back all over again.


There are a ton of videos of kids (and other people) reacting to Darth Vader’s big reveal in the movie but this one really touched me. She’s just so into it. I don’t need a lot of reminders for why I love Star Wars but when they melt my heart, everybody wins.

“Don’t do it!”

It’s okay, Emma. We feel the same about Luke. He can’t turn to the Dark Side. He’s our hero!

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