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Summer Glau Needs Your Brain

You Can Take The Girl Out of Texas But ... I Got Nothing.

Last May, in Houston (that’s in Texas, I think, somewhere between San Diego and Miami, which should narrow it down), Summer Glau (aka “Summer!”) sat down for a Q&A session in Comicpalooza.


Of course she fielded questions (and one obligatory gushing non-question) about her roles in Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Arrow, and even The Big Bang Theory (which I know is a hit with the io9 crowd).


However, she’s not very well versed in the comic book worlds of DC & Marvel. She’s at a loss to pick a character, hero or villain, she would want to play (outside of the Arrowverse, obviously). And she actually wants to have an answer for people. At the 14m39s mark she wonders who we would like to see her play. [click HERE for a precise start because Kinja and I are fighting.]

So, fellow nerds, help a Texas gal out.

She can’t possibly catch up with all her comic book reading by the time the next convention appearance is scheduled because (a) she’s not actually a Terminator or Bible-mutilating psychic assassin and (b) she is a new mom. So, A-list or B-list, or even from the wide field of C-to-Z-list characters, there has to be one that she was born to play.


What comic book hero or villain should Summer Glau play?

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I’d personally go with Typhoid Mary from Daredevil infamy because I like a bit of type casting every now and again. Summer does good crazy and I’ve always imagined some dancerliness (it’s a word, I swear!) to Typhoid Mary. Also, I’ve been obsessed with Daredevil since I was about 14, so that’s about [redacted, because it’s a lot of] years of being a Hornhead fan. As well, I’d like to see Ann Nocenti get some love for being one of the best comic book writers and editors in history with her socially-minded touches along with likely-pot-inspired whackadoo eccentric narrative choices.


And, yes, I’d stick with the 80’s-ish Flashdance stylings (minus the skivvies and fishnets, maybe) and not the more overt BDSM, boob-harness version which followed. Gimme that original costume, functionally-obtuse shoulder pads and all, darlings.


But that’s just me. And I’m not always playing with a full deck.

Plus, anything to remove the utter failure that is the so-called “Typhoid” (Mary) of the Elektra movie. I mean, really, just give that character a different name, fer cryin’ out loud.



Rancorr is an award-winning comic book nerddom writer who was given the prestigious Palm de Frites in 2001 by the Canned Festival of Latveria. He is also totally best friends with Cameron Stewart, who is helming the new Batgirl series. They hang out all the time. Actually, he took ONE class with Cameron back in high school and they’ve been out of touch for the decades between then and now.

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