The 9 Most Influential Works of Scientific Racism, Ranked

Former New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade has just published a book about race and genetics that has stirred up debates over scientific racism that go back over 250 years. Where did his ideas come from? Here are nine major works of scientific racism that are still influencing thinkers today. »5/13/14 5:20pm5/13/14 5:20pm

Isis-Script wrote a good reply and, really, I'm not going to into the depth of detail of what I like about the film for two reasons: 1. If you didn't like it, it ain't my problem to convince you otherwise. There is no accounting for taste. 2. There are likely hundreds of articles on the internet extolling the virtues… »2/11/14 11:15am2/11/14 11:15am

I'm glad that we now have the luxury of critiquing what would have been a better way of exploring a changing sexuality on television. Of course, framing it in the context of when it happened, exactly what forerunning was there to draw from? Personally, I thought the way things unfolded was pretty awesome. I'm not the… »12/19/13 3:55am12/19/13 3:55am

A Good Look At Maybe The Best Star Wars Game We Never Got

While we've seen some of Star Wars 1313, the now-cancelled big-money Star Wars game in development at Lucasarts before Disney took over, today we're getting to see a lot more of what was planned for the title courtesy of some concept art. »10/29/13 12:02pm10/29/13 12:02pm