Even so, personally my sense of accomplishment is intensified when something is tedious or hard; and it's tedious or hard because it's a simulation. Sure, that's weird to some people but, IMO, nuthin' worth havin' is ever easy. That's what I got from that trailer. It was filled with voices of people who knew they'd… » 11/22/14 5:28pm Today 5:28pm

Umm, so, like any decent addict, I keep saying I'm done with this show but then I'm not. Like this episode: which was starting off groan-worthy because of Frozen overload yet I ended up really glomming on to the sibling relationship between Elsa and Anna. It started with the ruse in the dungeon and actually tugged at… » 11/17/14 6:31pm Monday 6:31pm

"So true. But I swear every moment I'm living, it's totally in this future I always imagined, even though some of it took place before I was even born. Apparently I'm some new variety of time-traveller who is just constantly looking around in awe, poking things, and going, "Can you believe this shit?! SO COOL!"

» 11/17/14 12:35pm Monday 12:35pm